Do you have diabetes?

Diabetes Clinic


Once you have received a confirmed diabetes diagnosis from a doctor, you are referred to a diabetes clinic. Here, doctors and diabetes nurses work in teams so that you can receive good care and help with your diagnosis.



We work according to the national guidelines for diabetes and perform regular checks on your blood sugar levels. At the clinic we can also help you with your emotional state of mind and are able to guide you on how to manage the disease and what it entails. You are also welcome to make an appointment at any time in between regular check ups.


Managing your diabetes

The staff at the diabetes clinic assists you with your symptoms and works towards preventing complications that can affect you and your illness in the future such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney damage, foot ulcers, diabetic retinopathy and nerve damage.

We give you information and advice on what you can do to feel as well as possible, today and in the future. By following the healthcare advice given, which amongst other things, addresses diet, physical activity, and tobacco and alcohol consumption, you can influence your journey with diabetes. The better you follow the advice, the more likely it is you can steer your health in a positive direction.

Our diabetes nurses can prescribe medical foot care.

National quality register

Hälsans Vårdcentral in Tensta registers all diabetes patients in the Swedish National Diabetes Quality Register NDR (National Diabetes Register). The register is used to develop and safeguard the quality of diabetes care.