We issue travel certificates

Travel Certificates


Hälsans Health centre issues travel certificate for various purposes


PCR and antigen tests

PCR and antigen tests show whether you have the Covid 19 virus. We perform both PCR and antigen tests and can issue both travel and health certificates.

Download the Coronafree app to get your travel certificate. You can also obtain a printed copy if requested.

PCR testing, analysis and issuing of the certificate is done within 12 hours. The antigen test takes less than 60 minutes. You can be tested every day during normal working hours. On weekends and out of hours, by appointment only. Please note that the fee may differ.

It is your responsibility to know which test must be taken for your specific requirements. The health centre cannot give advice on which test should be done.

Book an appointment from the app or call us on 08-12046130
Login into 1177 or e-mail us at info@halsan.eu

Download Coronafree app
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PCR tests

PCR test with travel certificate (health certificate)

1 person 1500 kr
2 person 2900 kr
3 person 4200 kr
4 person 5400 kr

Antigen tests

Antigen test with travel certificate (health certificate)

1 person 750 kr
2 person 1400 kr
3 person 2000 kr
4 person 2500 kr
In cooperation with

Other certificates

Treatment aids and medication
Certificate of possession before travel
375 kr
Emigration 1125 kr
Visa (without sampling) 375 kr
Travel cancellation 375 kr